Merry ChristMaz
Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jesus. ;D

My Christmas wasn't that good compared to before,
but it's still enjoyable. HAHA. Globe is pissing me off,
not letting me avail the unlimited text services, I can't
greet my filipino friends a Merry Christmas.
Slept around 3:00 because I was busy editing my
korean cyworld and busy roaming around telling my
korean friends "메리 크리스마스"

I'm addicted to AS's Because of You.


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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Linked Airiz, Tanjoey, Min & Hee. || I'm so lazzzzyy :> Going to the airport later to fetch my mom who left her luggage at her house. Bleh. xP She asked some whatever to bring her luggage to Narita airport on December 24 but she changed her flight to December 23, she didn't tell the whatever carrier that it was moved so yeah, it's left in Japan. =)))

I have a new 2OD account. T-T anyway...

I want to cut my hair. :D

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Youtube account

My YouTube account got disabled. Permanently disabled. Like wtf. I didn't do anything okay?! I didn't upload a scandal or a copyrighted material. I did not bash people and use profanity. I did not do anything against the rules and regulations. (Why am I so angry?) I'm so angry because my favorite videos are there, and it would be a long way to go to open those videos and favorite them again when I make a new account. T-T I hate Youtube especially now that it's associated with Google.

I hafta move on with life. (Okay i'm so low hahaha)


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Boring day 8-|
Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm so boooooreeeedd. And I want to be progressive today so I am dancing. WTF. =)) This is exercising no. ;DD I want to learn alot of dances but most of them are toooo complicated for me. Hey, I want to try BBOY-ing. HAHAHA. :""""> And that's much more complicated but I think it's cool. So cool like Jay. They won again! AOM won again! They were so great. Jay had a haircut. Yey.

Happy holidays. Plurk gave every plurk member a plus 2 in our karma. It was soo great, for me. HAHA. Because right now my karma is 87.28 and I'm near 100! Those who had 100 karma since then didn't appreciate the plus 2 tho. Sorry =))))

My father installed 2 speakers here in my room. I like them so much though they aren't new. Because this tiny laptop has tiny speakers that I can't hear what I'm supposed to hear so my father installed speakers and now my room's bangin', baby. 8DD

I like to rap. HEHE. I want to be a korean rapper someday. Tho I'm not korean. But it's fun rapping in korean. The fact that I also don't understand some. HAHAHA. But I feel sad when sometimes I rap, I eat my words. Oh, let's just eat bananas. :| =))))

I'm currently downloading WB episode 4. Because I finished watching them all already. And I watched episode 1-4 at YB and I downloaded episode 5-7, so now I'm downloading episode 4, and then 1-3 later. I feel SOOO sad that Mnet didn't air episode 8. T-T

내가 왜 이렇게 된 거니? - 닉쿤

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I have no more tears, but I'm still crying..


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